How This Horse Reacts To His New Toy Is Something You’ll Want To See!


The video is only about 1 minute long, which means you can watch from start to finish in no time at all. If you have always loved horses and wanted to see what they would do with a toy, this is the video you want to watch. There are so many videos across the internet that focus on a dog or cat being given a new toy, but horses can be considered pets – and they, too, enjoy a good toy when it is given to them, too.

You can watch as this horse all but gallops around the field, “kicking” the soccer ball. You wouldn’t think that a big ball would have such appeal, but this horse can’t seem to get enough of it. Back and forth, the horse goes across the field, trying to keep up with the ball. He is all but leaping in the air at times when the ball bounces against a tree.

This is such an amusing video and it can remind you that horses have personalities just like we do. You can just imagine throwing a ball out in the field for a little kid and watching them come alive with the fun they are going to have. A horse isn’t the first animal you would think of to hand over such a large soccer ball, but this one seems to absolutely love it.

What do you think about this horse? I would just love to meet him and see how he gets excited over some of the other toys that are out there. If he gets excited about this, what else would be fun? No matter what, you’re going to love watching this video, and may find yourself watching it over and over again.

Share it with your friends and get their opinion on it, too. If anything, it gives you a reason to smile for the day – just like the horse must be smiling with his new toy.

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