His Student’s Phone Rang In Class. When He Tried To Punish Her, She Got Him Back SO GOOD!


This professor had a strict rule about phones ringing in class, as most teachers often do. Professors put these rules into place to keep students from texting, e-mailing, and playing games on their smartphones, which distracts them from imparting their lessons. This particular professor had a unique method for punishing his students. Should a student’s phone ring in his class, he would force them to answer the call, place it on speaker and have their conversation for the entire class to hear. His students became wise to this tactic and decided to get revenge on the professor. On April Fools’ Day, these students were able to come up with the ultimate prank.

The professor is accustomed to students who receive calls from their significant others wishing them a happy day or those who receive calls from their buddies, wondering what time the keg party starts. There is nothing that could have prepared him for what happened on this day. When he made the female student take the call on speaker phone, he was astounded to hear a voice from a pregnancy resources center telling her that she was pregnant.

The rest of the class is able to keep a straight face for the duration of the phone call and as soon as it is over, the professor begins to profusely apologize. He clearly feels terrible about putting in a student in a position where they are forced to share their personal business in front of their classmates. Perhaps he is even worried about a potential lawsuit. He had no way of knowing that the baby was a ruse. As soon as the female student tells him that she has already chosen a name for her child and that the first name will be April, we already know that the last name will be almost undoubtedly be Fools.

At this point, there is nothing else for the professor to do but smile, take it in stride, and admit that he’s been had. Anyone can appreciate a great prank, especially one that is this well executed and thought out. Coordinating an entire class of students to play it cool throughout the phone call is no easy feat. Watching the professor’s face turn eight different shades of crimson and seeing him cover his face is a great reminder that anyone can be the victim of a well-executed prank, at any time. There was nothing for him to do except admit that the prank was awesome. Thankfully for the students in this video, he was a good sport about the whole thing. He laughed with his students and there is a good chance that he will be telling this story to future classes for years to come.

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