His Owner Fainted In The Street. Keep Your Eye On The Puppy’s Reaction When Ambulance Arrives


We have all heard and read stories about dogs that act upset if their owner does not return home at the right time even though dogs cannot tell time the way people do. Faithful dogs have been documented to refuse to leave their owner’s grave in a show of bereavement and loss. Well, this little video from China may just top all the stories about the loyalty that dogs have for their owners.
The video has a lot going for it. The drama of a man that passed out in the middle of a busy street in Qidong, China in the middle of the afternoon, the pathos of the little dog worrying about his master, the bravery of the little animal in defending his owner from the police and emergency people trying to help the sick man, and the understanding of the police and emergency people letting the little dog go to the hospital with his injured master all make this video worth sharing.

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