His Neighbor’s Dog Was Acting Funny, So He Decided To Follow Him Into The Woods. What They Find? OMG


When the neighbor followed Razor, the dog took him to an area along the irrigation line. Eventually, Razor led him into a ditch, where Jazzy had gotten stuck in at least two feet of mud. The poor dog could not make their way out back out and seeing his best friend stuck in this predicament shook Razor to his core. After the neighbor contacted the authorities, they arrived promptly, with the objective of removing Jazzy from the muddy prison where he was trapped. The police and firefighters acted quickly, pulling Jazzy to safety. But the true hero here was Razor, for without his panicked yelps, no one would have ever discovered Jazzy. Until it was too late, of course.

Manny Garcia, the Belen fire chief, said that he had never seen anything quite like this in his entire career. His fire department had never participated in an event of this nature, but they were more than happy to save the life of Jazzy.

For his part, Chavez is extremely grateful for the actions of his neighbor, the police force and the fire department. It took an incident like this to make him realize just how attached he is to his pets and hopefully Jazzy will know to stay out of the mud in the future.

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