His Girlfriend Doesn’t Like His Dog & Said To Get Rid Of It. Look At His Craigslist Post…


Our hero had been advised that copy with an attached relevant photo would greatly enhances the odds of people reading the full post. After locating the folder of photos, it was easy to select the picture of his one true love to attach: shiny hair and eyes with a sweet smile.. Message sent, our hero begins cleaning up, folding and packing for the upcoming departure. Later that evening, he opened the computer to check the listing and smiled. When the girlfriend joins him at the end of the night and asks if the decision had been made, he could honestly say yes. One could read the change in attitude from the Girlfriend, as she acknowledged that life is good.
Walking back into the living room, she is shocked to see her belongings piled neatly is the dining room. A spin and a curious look is met by a smiling facade. After a short check around the room, her eyes came to rest on the computer screen: looking to rehome the girlfriend as she gave an ultimatum, the dog would be staying

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