His Cat Stole A Toy From His Neighbor’s House. What He Does With It Is Even More Hysterical


In the video you are about to watch, a lonely cat sneaked to a neighbor’s apartment, took a toy tiger and left by jumping over the neighbor’s low gate and crossed the driveway over to his own backyard where he will enjoy some privacy.

Immediately he got there, he began to play happily with his new found friend and playmate without wasting any time. When you see the way he began to play with the toy, it will be obvious that he had been longing for that toy for a long time.

Who knows, maybe he had seen the toy, strategized on how to get it but just waiting for a perfect time to execute his plan. And he just found the best moment. The manner in which he jumped over his neighbor’s gate indicated either of two things – He had been taking things from there before now or he had rehearsed this move several times.

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