He’s trying to play catch with the twins. His attempts surprise even the family.


It’s a beautiful sunny day and resting in their baby chairs beside the family pool two twin baby girls happily watch the family pet a gray Labradoodle hover around them trying to get them to play a game if one you throw the ball for me and I’ll run and get it for you. We can play this all day you don’t even have to move out of your chair to play. We all know this is a dog’s favorite game to play. As Dad watches from inside the pool. This gentle Labradoodle repeatedly tries to engage two of the cutest little baby’s girls to play ball with him. He shows constant patience with the little girls trying to get them to throw a ball to him.
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They smile as he tries to press the ball into their hands to play with him. Going from one baby girl to the other pushing the ball at the for them to throw to him. Little does this gentle Labradoodle realize in about six months’ time he will be running away from these cute little twins as they pull at his hair when he comes near. His new game will be I will lay here quietly under your chair and wait for you to drop some goodies for me. Can we play the catch game now, no such luck so for the time being these babies smile at him and watch as he presses the ball into their lap to play with him. Labradoodles are known for their gentleness, and this beautiful dog proves it with the patience he displays waiting for the babies to toss him the ball.

Eventually giving up on the two little girls he calmly sits behind them and continues to watch them as they rest in their baby seats. He watches as they all soak up the sun. Making sure that they don’t throw the ball without him seeing it. As the family pet the Labradoodle will grow to love these babies and protect them from all harm today this is easy, in a few years these twin baby girls will give him a run for his money with two of them he will constantly be chasing them or a ball around this beautiful yard.

Dad finally takes pity on the poor Labradoodle and begins tossing a ball to him, and the Labradoodle can now enjoy a lively game of catch, Dad in the pool the Labradoodle on the side of the pool as the twins sit and watch their play. What better way to spend a sunny afternoon, then with a happy dog playing catch and two beautiful twin girls watching it truly is a dog’s life for this gentle Labradoodle.

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