He’s Feeding A Massive Pack Of Dogs. The Reason? This Is A Real Joy To Witness!


You just have to watch the video to get the feel and scope of what this one man has done. Most people would be intimidated by 450 dogs especially dogs that have been abused. The man seems to be one of the pack and one with the pack. The dogs appear to know the man loves them and has been instrumental in providing a safe and free home for them.

You can share this video with folk that love animals just for the strangeness of it all. There just are not that many people in the world that can manage 450 dogs and maintain the friendly spirit between the animals that you can see in the video. Not many people would be brave enough to attempt this task.

The cost to feed the dogs is $6,750 a month. While Sasa receives some financial assistance from the Harmony Fund, the contributions are not enough to meet the expense.

Animals suffer during war and desperate financial times just like people do. The dogs have no political voice. Sasa has become the animal’s voice as well as their champion and protector. Do a bit of good outside your own country and help Sasa and his herd of dogs.


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