He’s Described As Unalive. The Second They Do This To Him, My Mouth Fell Open


Nursing home patient Henry Dryer had been completely unresponsive for as long as anybody could remember. Dryer has a form of dementia that causes him to appear as if he’s barely alive. When the neurologists finally came, they decided to try a little experiment; they had Dryer listen to music. We have reinforced a fact that we have known for a long time; music therapy really works! When the music is played, Dryer comes alive! It has been said that his true self hadn’t come out in years, and the music helped resurrect the spirit within him. He had a lot to say about life, love, music, and many other positive topics.
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A documentary about music therapy helping people with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other similar conditions has been filmed, and Henry Dryer is an important part of the film. He is described as unalive at the beginning of the film, and then he listens to music on an iPod, and he lights up like never before! Henry is asked what the music is like, and he is able to answer some of the questions, talks about Cab Calloway, and starts singing I’ll Be Home for Christmas, which he says is his favorite Calloway song. He is now fairly coherent when talking about music, and his old self appears to show through like it hasn’t in years. The documentary also depicts many other people with dementia and Alzheimer’s who feel that music from their era has helped them gain their overall spirit.

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