He’s Carrying His Dog To The Vet. Then Bikers Show Up And Now It’s A Day He’ll Never Forget


Watch this touching video as these bikers take the two comrades for a nice long parade ride. The name of this biker group is the Patriots and they give this lovely black lab her final ride. You will be touched by this video in so many different ways. Her best friend and comrade served together in the Iraq wars and Cpl. Moseley have seen good and tough times.

Cpl. Moseley lost his leg in an explosion. The quick acting and well trained Sgt. Canvas were together when Canvas alerted him of an explosive nearby. It was too late and Cpl, Moseley lost his leg. His best friend was doing her job when this happened. Watch this video and you will enjoy how the old war buddies are so close to one another.

This is such a great story and you will enjoy it so much. Watch these bikers riding with them as a tribute in this parade. Everybody is touched by this beautiful black lab as she is such a great and loyal dog. It is amazing when you see this big motorcycle gang called the Patriots giving this parade for a comrade named Canvas. Watch this tribute to a veteran war dog and how she is honored you will be so touched. Enjoy this video and pass it on.

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