He’s Been Gone For Two Months. But, When She Sees Him? What A Heartfelt Welcome!


People often wonder about how effective dog’s memories are. The age long debate has gone on for decades over just how much our canine friends remember us when we have been gone for a long while. This is one of those videos that clear’s such doubts that often arise so frequently. In this video, the dog gets jumpy after he sees his owner for the first time after such a long while. Her owner had been gone for two months but when she sees him, she instantly recognizes him and jumps up to welcome him.
Dogs express a lot of human-like emotions, including being sad when they are missing someone. This particular dog gets so excited when she sees her owner after a very long time. Her owner had gone off to work for two months and returns to see the dog extremely happy upon his arrival. The dog then goes in for a hug and she stands on her hind legs and stretches out her paws for a big hug.

This is one of those videos that you just watch with a big smile on your face. Her owner also reciprocates the love as he pulls her into the biggest and warmest hug ever. He has clearly missed her a lot. He has been gone for a few months and has obviously missed the loving warmth of his best friend. The dog wags its tail ever so furiously as she keeps going at him. She doesn’t seem to be able to get enough of him as she doesn’t want to be separated from her owner. If there was any doubt about just how much dogs could actually remember, this video would eliminate them completely.

Dogs are amazing companions to have around, and they also show a great deal of emotion just like humans. The dog in this video jumps up to her feet as her owner walks into the house and gives him the fondest hug ever. She clearly would not leave his side throughout the remainder of the day.

This video shows you just how much a pet can love its owner and miss them while they’re gone. This video is sure to leave you with a smile on your face as you see how her owner also responds to the love she shows him.

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