Her Son Lay Lifeless In The Bathtub… Now See What Her Pit Bull Did. WOW…


If you have ever sat down to speak with any pit bull owner about the behavioral characteristics of their chosen breed and they will be sure to tell you that pit bulls are not naturally aggressive dogs. Much like any other animal, the secret lies within the owner’s training methods. A dog that is rewarded for aggressive behavior will continue to act in an uncouth manner, while one that is taught to respect boundaries can grow up to be a trusted companion. Pit bulls are loving creatures and when trained properly, they can become a beloved member of the family. While they can be overprotective, they are fiercely loyal to the people who matter most to them. When conditioned correctly, they are sweet, loving animals. Their personality is determined by the patience and time put in by their owners.

The Daniels family is certainly aware of this and they speak about the positive effect their pit bull has had on their lives. They enjoy the company of this particular breed so much, they have not one, but two pit bulls currently residing in their home. Their most recent addition is named Ember and Ember has taken a special liking to the Daniels’ son, who is named Tre.

Even in their wildest dreams, the Daniels family could have never imagined that Ember would one days save Tre’s life. On a regular, ordinary afternoon one day, Ember began to act in a very odd manner. She made her way to the foot of Tracy Daniels’ bed and started to emit a low, guttural growl, which was meant to indicate her distress and let her mother know something was wrong.

Tracy then got up to follow Ember and see what was the matter. Little did she know that Tre was experiencing a seizure while he was in the bathtub and his body was laying halfway outside. Unless Ember had acted quickly and alerted Tracy about the situation, any number of horrific outcomes could have taken place on that fateful afternoon.

Adore-A-Bull Rescue’s Libby Power works at the animal shelter that was responsible for rescuing Ember when she did not have a proper home to live in and was instrumental in placing this lovable pit bull with the Daniels family. She told news crews that stories like these are exactly what she is aiming for when she places pit bulls in their forever homes.

If you are a pit bull owner or an animal lover who is tired of hearing about the aggressive stigma that is associated with these loving, loyal creatures, then be sure to share this video clip with all of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, so that they are able to see for themselves.

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