Her Son Died One Hour After Swimming. This Mother’s Tragic Story Could Save Your Child’s Life.


Cassandra Jackson was enjoying an afternoon with her son and it seemed like any other normal, average day. Johnny, a ten year old boy from South Carolina, was splashing around at the neighborhood swimming pool and enjoying himself on an ordinary summer excursion. What Cassandra had no way of knowing is that this was the day that would change her life forever. An hour after he left the swimming pool and mother and son began to make the trip home, Johnny told Cassandra that he was feeling tired. Since her son had just spent a long afternoon playing in the sun, Cassandra did not think anything of this statement. Johnny gave no immediate signals that something was wrong and his mother assumed that he simply needed a good night’s sleep. Upon returning home, Johnny laid down for a nap. What Cassandra discovered later would send chills down the spine of any parent. As she checked in on her son, she found him covered a substance that strongly resembled foam. There was no way for her to know that her beloved son had begun to slowly drown in his sleep.

After rushing Johnny’s lifeless body to the hospital as rapidly as possible, medical staff alerted Cassandra that her son had passed away due to dry drowning, a form of asphyxiation that is not widely known about or discussed. This 4th grade boy passed away from swallowing too much water while he was in the local pool, a senseless tragedy that is easily avoidable. During an interview with NBC, a heartbroken Cassandra spoke about having no way of knowing her child was dying. Johnny’s ability to speak, talk and move around obscured the fact that his lungs were slowly filling with water and even the best mother would not have been able to save him.

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