Her Little Girl Brought A Cow In The House! Her Reason? I Can’t Stop Laughing!


When it comes to the many questions we are forced to ask ourselves and others over the course of our lifetimes, here’s one we don’t typically expect to be asking: “How in the world did that cow get into our house?” This mother came home one day to find quite the interesting sight: a fully grown cow, inside of her home. It should go without saying that Mom certainly needs to know why this is taking place. Her little girl, who is the primary culprit in this instance, has quite the tall tale prepared for her mother’s arrival. Like most children, she starts off by feigning a lack of knowledge as to how the event took place. Parents out there are already very familiar with the “I dunno” routine that small children like to trot out once they find themselves in deep trouble.

Of course, as small children’s stories are known to do, this little girl’s changes as her mother grows more and more suspicious about the truth of the matter. Soon, the “I don’t know” story morphs into a farcical account of how the child merely opened the door to take a look and the cow managed to scamper in past her. How a cow would manage to move that quickly is beyond us, but let’s not let a few factual details keep us from enjoying the tall tales that this child is weaving for our amusement.

The little girl then claims that the cow decided to go to the bathroom and the reason it was able to elude her and make its way into the house was because she was the ever so dutiful one who made it her mission to clean up after the mess that it made. Of course, this isn’t true at all, so she tries again.At this point, she is running out of narrative steam, but still trying her best. She tries to say that the cow was bleeding, but there is no evidence to support such an audacious claim. Then, the cow was trying to eat her. As the stories get less and less believable, you begin to appreciate the depths of this child’s imagination. Even more shocking than the presence of the cow or the child’s tales is the patience that is displayed by her mother. A lying child and a barnyard animal in the living room would be enough to make most parents lose their temper, but not this mom.

This little girl’s adorable demeanor is all that is saving her from some serious trouble. Who could blame her for trying to weasel out of this predicament? Share this story with your friends and family and pass it on by using Twitter and Facebook.

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