Her Flowing Skirt Is Just A Disguise. Watch What Happens When The REAL Performance Begins! Whoa!


As this clip opens, we hear the sounds of a slow jam. A little girl deliberately makes her way to the center of the floor and we can see that she is wearing a little pink skirt that flows naturally. But, this is merely the setup for what comes next. Even the most experienced observers cannot possibly expect this little girl’s follow up move. The music suddenly starts to increase in speed and the small child pivots, turning her back to the crowd. At this time, she quickly drops the material that she was using to cover her face and the billowing skirt cascades all around her.

This tiny dancer flutters her skirt around herself in time with the music, spinning around with great elegance and poise. Before anyone has a chance to know what hit them, the skirt comes flying off! There is no need to worry, though, as she was hiding another, smaller skirt underneath. The reason for this outfit change? It gives her more room to conduct a proper performance and allows her additional room to breathe. Trying to conduct a salsa routine like this one in a long, flowing skirt like the one she was wearing at the beginning of the video is essentially impossible. The flowing skirt that we see at the onset of the clip is merely a decoy, a ruse, it has been but in place to mask the true intentions of the performance. This little girl is already showing signs of being a true showman, even at such a young age. The sky is clearly the limit for this petite dancing dynamo.

Gone are the days when children contented themselves with the pursuits of youth. Children are no longer just happy to be there, they want to put on a show that rivals their adult counterparts and thanks to little girls like this, children everywhere can see just how close they are to achieving their dreams. Judging from the sound of the audience, they enjoyed this little girl’s performance just as much as she enjoyed giving it, if not even more. While they were certainly stunned at first and perhaps a tad worried about the way that she ripped off her initial choice of skirt, this trepidation gives way to feelings of pride and happiness once they see what she has in store for them. If you loved this video as much as I did and you have a little performance artist of your own, be sure to show them this video and let them see how attainable their dreams really are. Pass this clip onto your Facebook friends, so that they can take in this performance for themselves and pass it on to their friends.

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