Her Family Of 10 Years Left Her At The Shelter. But You’ll Want To See What Happens Here.


In this video, Greta is the star. Dr. Wendy starts by presenting Greta, and giving a synopsis of her history, and how she ended up in the hands of the good people who work at Vet Ranch. One of the first things you’ll notice, is how scared this poor little girl is. You can tell by the way she acts, and the expression on her face, that this lil’ girl knows her future is uncertain.

Usually, in a vet’s office, or in quite a few shelters, this would be the end. They might film Greta walking out of the exam room. The part we never see is the euthanization of the pet, thankfully. Unfortunately for most dogs, this is how their ‘video’ ends. I’m glad to tell you that in this instance, things work out well for our brave pooch.

As the video winds on, we see that Greta is the recipient of two surgeries. In one operation, they remove some of the tumors, and get this little lady spayed. The second one takes care of the rest of the tumors, and Dr. Wendy is able to take care of some badly needed dental work.

Greta’s whole attitude after surgery is so different, I actually had to back up the video to make sure I was seeing the same dog. Her entire demeanor had changed from the scared, abandoned refugee, to that of a playful, happy dog with no cares in the world! It was exciting to see. I was a little bummed when I saw she had been adopted, because I want her. You can tell she’s a great dog!
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Watch the video. The share it on as many social media sites as you can. There’s way too many sad stories about abandoned pets these days. Let’s share some joy with all of those out there who rescue and help animals, so they know they’re not alone!

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