Her Dad Bet Against Her, She Proved Him Wrong


As if singing in front of a crowded field wasn’t enough pressure for a little girl, she was also singing the national anthem. Now, while most people do understand that she is just a little girl and that knowing how to properly sing the national anthem is incredible for her age, some others might just get offended if she was unable to sing it properly. But then again, this wasn’t a problem at all, since she basically nailed it. Our guess is that this dad sure knew her daughter well, and that is why he challenged her. It just might all boil down to how people react to pressure. While some end up crumbling and just want to get the pressure off of them, others will be able to step up to the challenge and, the more pressure you add, the greater the performance will be when show time begins.

Clearly, Lexi was able to step up to the challenge and do things right. As she sang the national anthem in front of thousands of people, she was clearly confident and nothing was going to stop her from hitting that high note, showing dad he was clearly underestimating her (and acting according to dad’s plan). As she sings the entire stadium listens to her, and as she hits that high note, people cheer for her and admire the way she just keeps on going. So much so, their cheers last only for a few seconds at first, because they want to listen to the rest of the song. Until the end of the video, the whole crowd just wants to cheer the girl so whenever they think she is taking a break, they immediately start singing. Dad certainly has to buy her some ice cream after this one.

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