Her Cute Puppy Is Napping On The Couch. When She Tries To Wake Her? So PRECIOUS!!


This lovely video of little Chole will remind you of your childhood if you were among those kids like me who hated to wake up in the morning. It sure did remind me of mine and brought happy smiles. No amount of coaxing or shouting from my mom would persuade or drag me out of bed some days. I insisted on sleeping and pretended not to hear. At times I even pretended to be sick for which I got no treatment or special care anyway. Of course, I would like to keep that habit but responsibilities don’t allow me that much luxury now.

I have to wake up at the first ring of my alarm bell if I have to make my day going smooth. Getting some extra sleep without feeling guilty isn’t something that I can afford these days. How I wish I could go back and relive my childhood! The video reminded me of so many sweet memories of my childhood and my care free days as I watched through it multiple times in a row. There is something in this short clip that pulls your heart strings.

Little Chole is a beautiful bulldog and she is having one of those days when she like to sleep away without a care. Right now, her dream world is more alluring than the real world. The coaxing invitation of her mom to wake her up doesn’t work for her. Least bothered, she sleeps deep with her legs kicked up and looks like she is having the most wonderful dream.

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