Her Best Friend Was Rushed To The Hospital. Now Watch The Puppy’s Reaction.


This video is absolutely adorable. You can see the surgery room and all of the surgeons attending to the cheetah. Then, down on the floor, is Raina. She is lying on a blanket with several stuffed toys around her. She’s content to lay there and wait for her friend to come out of surgery. There are several attempts to remove her from the surgical room, but she is not going anywhere.Everyone should have a friend like this. Someone who is going to stick with them through everything. The concern that the puppy showed throughout the time that the cheetah was on the table is absolutely breathtaking.

Raina is considerably larger than Ruuxa, but they don’t seem to mind. They play and tackle and have all sorts of fun together. In the video, you can see that Ruuxa has casts on her two front paws, but that doesn’t stop her from playing with Raina. The two animals are inseparable. Since they were introduced to each other at such an early age, they were able to form a bond that likely wouldn’t happen if they were introduced at their current ages.

This video has been shared across the Internet, and many people have the same reaction. It is simply inspiring, and comments are focused on how animals aren’t afraid to show compassion, even when one is challenged or handicapped. Watch this video and share with your friends on Facebook today. It could make their day!

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