Her 2 Dogs Died On The Way Home. 65 Days Later, She NEVER Expected This!


In this incredible video, you will see Rose, who is still a little banged up, talk about how she was reunited with her video after 65 days. The dog spend 65 days in the desert, alone. ABC was there to catch the emotional reunion on tape.

There were volunteers in the desert with a baited cage as well as a baby monitor to listen for the dog. It was the 65th night when they heard the bark. There were two dogs and one of them was Rose’s dog Ily. The other was a stray that had become friends with Ily – and it is believed that this dog helped Ily stay alive all those days in the desert.

The video shows the sweet reunion and it is only two and a half minutes long. If you have ever lost a dog or are just a sucker for a feel good story, this is one of the best online videos you have to watch.

Here’s the best part – the dog that helped Ily survive was rescued as well and they named him Buddy…because what else would you call a dog that became the buddy to a dog that was frightened to be in the desert all alone?

Ily had a few problems. She lost about half of her body weight and she had to drink out of puddles to stay alive. But for the most part, she was unscathed from her wild adventures. One can only guess all of what she saw out in the desert and how long it was before she met buddy.

You can tell that both Rose and Ily are glad to have each other back. It’s a sweet reunion and you can watch the whole video and share it with your friends.

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