He Was Told He Couldn’t Have A Puppy. Then This Happened…


Yes, this video will make you feel good. The man is simply delightful and the puppy is just as cute as can be. The lady obviously loves the man and has given over to his desires despite the fact that she will probably be the person that takes care of the puppy. The daughter’s delight in seeing her father so happy can be heard in her voice even though you never actually see her.

You should share this video with people just so they get to feel good. You might inspire someone to make the gift of a pet to an older person that has no constant companion that will faithfully love them for the rest of their life.

The video is funny. The man is so startled at getting a puppy that he never expected to have that he forgets to thank his wife until his daughter reminds him to. He loses his glasses from the licking and nuzzling that he gets from his new puppy. The video is a fine example of a really thoughtful and loving thing to do.

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