He was not good at his social skills, and they wanted to get rid of him. But then he ended up here


I am very happy to hear that day after day people are being more and more demanding in adopting a dog, rather than buying one. The thing is you guys, rescued dogs have had a rough life. Maybe their parents abandoned them, and suddenly they found themselves int he middle of nowhere with no one to take care of them. Maybe their previous owner didn’t take proper care, maybe they got lost, and I could go an and on for the rest of the night. What I would like you to burry in mind is that these dogs need another chance. They need a loving caring family, so they can show how great they can be too. Here is a sad story about a German Shepherd named Talmadge who did not have highly improved social skills.

social skills

We don’t know what happened to him, but the lack of social skills was making it really difficult for him to get adopted by a forever family. That the reason why his helper wanted to “get rid of him.” They had their own reasons because he was antisocial towards his caretakers, and he could be considered a “dangerous” dog. However the good news is that Second Chance Dog Rescue found out about the limited social skills of Talmadge, and decided to give him another chance.

social skills1

They quickly transfereed him, and had him set up with a foster family who was willing to take him in and work on his social skills. Looks like the dog is getting used to the new life, to the new people around him, and to the new environment. His foster family says that the dog seems to be doing a lot better. Maybe the warm bed, the different food, have him in another state of mind. Maybe now he will start getting friendly and loving towards human’s.

social skills2



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