He Was Being Attacked By This Puppy. So He Did THIS… OMG!


Watch this video and you will see this cute little puppy in action. The Shih Tzu is an Asian dog and only weighs up to six pounds. The breed is known for being spirited and loyal. You can see this in this video by Philippe. Watching this three minute video provides you with lots of laughs as this cute pint size puppy battles his owner. Be warned watching this Shih Tzu is fully loaded with cute moments and can be addictive to your health.

This is the cutest little dog alive. Watch as the giant is slayed all in good fun. I love the background music in this video, it is so charming and relaxing. The cuteness of the this fluffy puppy and the music together makes for a most charming experience. Take just a little time out of your busy day and watch this video. The video will make your day by giving you a burst of happy energy. It is also very relaxing to watch over and over. This video is like taking a pill to make you feel good again.

When they invented the word cute they were thing of this video of this pint sized pup. Watch this video and please pass it on to your friends and family so you all can lol together.
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