He Unleashed His Pit Bulls In The River. What They Found Had Me Gaping


Watch this cool fishing video as these pit bulls catch and carry these heavy salmon up from the river over the bank and up to the shore. The dog’s catch is not small as they continue to catch one big salmon after another. This is amazing as you see these big dogs do what comes natural to them. The dog’s owner says he would never allow this to happen and that his friend was watching the dogs when he wasn’t around. Another claim on this video is that the salmon weren’t harmed and that they were released back into the river.

Watch as they pick up some heavy salmon with their mouth around it and carry it to the shore one right after another. It is so cool that they can actually handle a fish that big! These two pit bulls seem to be a natural at fishing. They sure could tell some big fish tales and they never let too many fish get away. This is an amazing sight watching them retrieve these giant sized salmon. Watch this cool video as they make this look easy. You will have so much fun watching these pit bull dogs catching these large salmon. Watch this amazing dog video and pass it on to your friends to watch.

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