He Tries To Return A Penguin To The Wild. But What Happens Is INCREDIBLE.


You should share the video so that more people know about Jinjing and his astounding relationship with Senor Desoto. The man lives in a very impoverished location. Notoriety about the penguin and the relationship with people might bring much needed money to the man and the community from tourists.

If you share the video with the right people, scientists may become interested in why and how the penguin and the man have developed a bond. As long as the bird and the relationship with the man are not harmed, science may be able to explain why a penguin has come to prefer the company of a man over the company of the flock.

You have to see the video to get the full effect. The bird is cute and funny. The men are hilariously astounded by the bird and its “love” for its rescuer. The video is touching in the care that the man has shown for a penguin that just happened to wash upon his little stretch of beach.

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