He told his dog “Play Dead.” How she did it made everyone burst out laughing.


Dogs love to play dead. They just want to trick the others, and get some treats in return. It is really amazing to see how dogs can act for a couple of minutes, and they know what they are doing is just a game. They can understand the idea that sometimes you just have to act in order to trick the others, or to make them laugh. In this case you will see a Beagle dog that has taken the Playing Dead at a whole new level.

Bailey the Beagle, and her owner Mike are guests in a national television. When the host of the show, Davit Letterman asks Mike about Bailey he says that she is a good dog, he has had her for three years, and Bailey has the mind of her own most of the time. These two have been together for over three years, and apparently they have a great bond together. They can communicate, and Bailey understands her owner perfectly when he gives her a command. I really think that this dog can manage perfectly the “Playing Dead” game and she is not afraid to demonstrate her skills live in a show.

I have to admit that when I saw this video for the first time I just laughed out laud. It was that GOOD. Bailey is extremely talented at tricking the others, and definitely she owns this game. You can tell by the cheering of the audience that what she does is really funny. Everyone approves of here skills. We all have to admit that this Beagle has shown some major talent on TV, and maybe she will become a favorite “Playing Dead” character for everyone that sees her. If you agree with me then don’t forget to share this video with everyone. Show some love for Bailey.

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