He Thought He Had a VICIOUS Guard Dog But Then He Came Home to THIS… Hilarious!


Nilo decides to show the audience that there is no bed that he will be kept from being able to catch some shut eye in. The man in this video returns home after a long day, clearly expecting to see his trusty Great Dane standing guard over his home. What he saw instead had to come as quite a shock, as Nilo was lounging in the backyard, all sprawled out, without any sort of care in the world. Is Nilo passed out on the grass? Is he lying on the floor? Neither of those options was preferable to Nilo, so he decided that the family hammock would serve as a wonderful resting place.

Never let it be said that Nilo is not gracious, however, as he allows his owner to spend some time rocking him back and forth in his makeshift bed. There is no doubt that he is among the laziest guard dogs of all time, but he is also among the cutest. Resting in the hammock, he resembles a large, furry child, one who is sure to melt the hearts of the viewer.

This owner thought he had himself a large, scary guard dog, but he would soon learn that he had another think coming! If you enjoyed watching the adventures of this large, adorable baby boy, then show this video to all your friends and loved ones and share it with your Facebook friends. Twitter and Instagram users should also post the link for their followers to enjoy.

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