This Owner Got A Cat, And The Reaction Of His Dog Is Priceless


This video is clearly a little bit fabricated since dogs don’t really talk and communicate with us the way we wanted them to. But then again, the video is incredibly funny and incredibly well done. The dog’s reactions completely match the words being said on his side, and the conversation is just incredibly funny. Essentially, in this video, the owner talks to his dog about his trip to the pet store.

They talk about the different pets the owner saw in the store and the ones he actually considered. The owner is just messing with the dog in the video, because the dog just really, really wants to have a cat to talk to and play with, but the owner decides to mess with him and his incredibly happiness.

In the video, the dog even shows a little bit of discomfort when the owner talks about seeing snakes. The video itself is done to show everyone that pets also needs pals, which is absolutely true. Sure, dogs might prefer other dogs as pals instead of cats, but then again, cats would be alright as well. At the end, your pets will be incredibly happy with their new pals, just like in the video.

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