He Takes An Apple And Slices A Symmetric Grid. His Reason? I’ll Never Cut An Apple Any Other Way


Now, the best part of this method is how to store the cut apple until you’re ready to eat it. This is brilliant. When you’re packing your lunch for work, cut the apple as described, hold the pieces together, and put a rubber band around it to hold it together. If you want it to be even fresher at lunchtime, spray a little lemon juice on it before packing it in your lunch bag. It will be ready to eat whenever you get those few minutes to have a morning break, or whenever your lunchtime comes around.

Just when you think that’s the only benefit of using this method, think of it as one less plastic storage bag that will find its way to a landfill. I bet over time this will save on your wallet too, as you use your imagination and find other ways to cut down on using plastic.

I thought the method of cutting an apple for snacking and sharing was all there was to this, but I was so wrong. Look how clever he is for making attractive ways to display an apple if you’re having a little get-together with friends and want the table to look nice. Now, about those little picky eaters in your home. Do you think making a swan from their apple might entice them to actually eat the apple? I’m willing to bet that they find it much more interesting to eat it and will beg you to cut their apple in the shape of a swan every time. They’ll probably ask for more animal shapes in the future, so get your “thinking cap” on and start planning on the next animal!

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