He Takes A Bracket, A Screw, And A Couple Of Books And Creates MAGIC!


Get a wall bracket, one that is shaped like an L. Drill it into the wall and be sure to use anchors, too, especially if you are going to be placing a few books on there. Once the bracket is secure on the wall, you will want to start with a hardbound book. Open the book so that the back cover slips onto the bottom of the bracket, and there is a small notch on the bracket for it to hold. After that, close the rest of the book on the top of the bracket. You can now no longer see any of the metal that protrudes from the wall. Now stack some other books onto the first book so that it goes higher than the rest of the bracket.

No one will ever know that you have a bracket on the wall. There are two different kinds that you can buy. The regular size will hold up to 15 pounds and the large will hold up to 20 pounds. You will want to choose accordingly based upon the weight of your books. provides the brackets so that you can perform the trick throughout your home or office. You can hang as many brackets as you wish and this may be the easiest way to decorate, and avoid having the boring bookshelf that everyone boasts inside their homes.

As long as you have the bracket, a few screws, and plenty of books, you can create the magic bookshelf. The trick is to make sure you have a hardbound book as your first one. It won’t work as well with paperbacks because it will be too flimsy of a base. Now, once you have placed the hardbound book, you can stack all of your paperbacks on top of it. You will simply want to be cautious of weight.

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