He Takes A Beer And Smashes It Into A Mound Of Raw Beef, Then Wraps Bacon Around It. His Reason? YUM


Watch as this BBQ expert shows you how to make a great stuffed BBQ burger. His technique will have you laughing and wanting to try this at home. This BBQ boy really knows how to load this three-quarter pound burger up. This is so cool the way he does this and it looks so tasty when you see it after it is cooked. The BBQ man starts by making some three-quarter pound ground beef balls. He claims you need the twenty-percent fat mix to make it come out right. Watch this video as the man starts with a beer can to shape the raw meat. This BBQ man really has some creative juices to come up with this recipe. One he has all the giant balls of beef rolled into balls he uses a beer can to push down into the meat.
The shape from the beer can will serve him well as he will be able to fill this hole made by the beer can up with plenty of tasty goodies. But first he has to add one more tasty ingredient just to hold everything together. You can’t believe his technique of wrapping some tasty bacon around the big ball of meat before taking the beer can out.

This is going to be a barbecue masterpiece by the BBQPitBoy. This man is an absolute genius for creating this giant stuffed burger. Check out how to create this great burger yourself to cook on your grill. Once he masters the art of bacon wrapping he can now take the beer can out. Then once this is removed he can now start stuffing it with some tasty ingredients.

You can’t believe all the food he stuffs down into these balls of red meat. Watch as he grills some veggies like onions, peppers, mushrooms and even some roast beef to sizzle on his BBQ grill. He then starts stuffing all these into the balls of ground beef. He then adds one more ingredient to top off his tasty burgers. He adds some chunks of cheddar and monterey jack cheese to top of the monstrous burgers.

Watch as this BBQ boy puts his burgers to cook about an hour on his hot BBQ grill. You won’t believe how great these burgers look when they come off the grill, simply amazing! The BBQPitBoy even slices the burger to show you all the melted cheese and other ingredients inside the juicy burgers. His BBQ buddies then put the giant burgers on buns and show you how to eat them, having some great fun.

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