He Surprises His Wife With Her Dream Kitchen. But When She First Sees It… OMG!


This video clip was shot shortly after the wife had returned from vacation, but it is safe to say that her reaction did not lead to the happy reunion that hubby was hoping for. The wife enters, the cameras are rolling and everyone has large smiles plastered on their waiting faces. The husband then asks the wife what she thinks of his handiwork. The evident excitement in his video is immediately squelched by the wife’s unfavorable reaction to his home improvement project. She immediately begins to complain about the color scheme he’s chosen, making it clear that the yellow walls are certainly not to her liking.
While the onlookers attempted to shrug this criticism aside with a nervous chuckle, this perturbed wife has not finished with her searing critique. She then launched into an obscenity laced tirade about the usefulness and efficiency of having two stoves in the same kitchen, even though her husband was under the false belief that those were the ones that she had desired.

She then continues to spout off her frustrations at her now dejected looking husband, who is surely ruing the day that he decided to take on such a project. He then mentions the tens of thousands that he spent in order to make the project a reality, only for his wife to retort that his project was “f***ing stupid” before she stormed off.

The camera then turns to show us the hurt and pain in her husband’s face. Then comes the hoots and hollers from all of the onlookers. They are clearly in shock at what they have just witnessed. There is no way that anyone could have predicted that the wife would react in such an uncouth manner.

Where do you stand when it comes to this clip? Do you believe that the wife’s reaction was justified or did you like the husband’s new kitchen? Don’t forget to pass this utterly ridiculous video onto your friends and loved ones and be sure to share it with your Facebook buddies.

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