He Starts Hitting This Vase – But When He Finishes The Result Is Absolutely Stunning


Watch this video to see how these Asian artists create these beautiful works of art. Kim Seong-Tae is a master at designing animals on his pottery. See how he carves some beautiful fish into the pottery. He then applies a white glaze and it is beautiful. Watch as he also cuts a bowl in half and puts a duck head on it. The finished product is simply amazing. It turns out to be a lazy susan! Getting to see these masters at work is amazing. Jo Se-Yeon paints his pottery. Using a little design tool he makes coastal white birds that are painted white. You have to see him in action he is simply amazing. Lee Hyang-Gu uses his hands on the pottery wheel to come up with the perfect shape. See how he uses his little tools to fine tune the perfectly spun vase.

This traditional Korean Ceramic tradition is amazing to watch on this video. Watch this video to see a real treat as these expert artisans create such a high quality work of art. Their techniques are amazing and you get to watch first hand at how they do it. This is a great video in the way they capture these one of a kind artists. These artists paint, glaze and carve pottery in a way you have never quite seen before.

Watch as the artists use special small tools to get all the effects on this pottery. See how the designs on this video come alive. You might have seen artists working and spinning clay but these guys are the masters. They almost seem to be magical in their movements creating these vases. There are some truly original techniques in creating this pottery as you watch this video. See the artists using their little hand tools, it is so cool to watch and you might want to try it at home. Watch this amazing video and pass it on.

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