He Starts Filling The Pool, But Watch The Left Side Of The Screen… LOL!


Watch this short video of this Corgi as his owner is filling up this pool. When he sees his owner starting to fill up this pool this short legged dog goes crazy knowing there is a pool party coming up. This little Corgi barks and is so excited to see this pool getting filled up. It is so funny how he knows it is time for a kiddie pool party!

Watch this video as the little fellow jumps and romps like a little kiddie. When you see what happens in this video you will be laughing out loud thinking what makes him think there is going to be a big pool party.

Watch the left side of the screen to see the excitement on this little dog’s face. You will get such a laugh as this happy party Corgi dog is given a pool party. He sees the pool being filled up and he knows that this is the sign of good times as he jumps in and out of this empty pool. Watch this video as you see the excitement in the dog’s face. It is time to party “he is yapping”!

Check this nifty little Corgi as he is seen jumping into this pool and it doesn’t even have any water in it yet. You have to see the look on this dog’s face it is so funny as he hops in and out of this pool. What a happy dog as he flies through the air like a super dog. The Corgi is kind of a smaller dog and has some very short legs. These short legs doesn’t stop him at all from getting into and out of this kiddie pool.

Watch this cute video of the Corgi dog enjoying this little pool. You will be laughing and having so much fun as he soars through the air. This dog must have had a kiddie pool party before because he sure gets excited when he sees this. This little short legged dog knows what time it is and it is pool party time! You will be laughing as you see this little dog being the life of the party.

Watch this cute video as his owner starts to fill up this pool. This is his cue to shout “Pool Party”, “Pool Party”! This is such a cool little video so take time out of your busy day to enjoy it. This little Corgi dog is so much fun as he jumps and plays in his little kiddie sized pool. He seems to be announcing that there is a big pool party coming and he is going to be a part of it. Enjoy this video of the Corgi Dog getting excited just from his owner filling up the pool and pass it on to family and friends.

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