He Starts Blow Drying A Banana. Now Watch Carefully When He Peels It Open… INCREDIBLE!


Did you see the video of this guy, Brandon Queen, bringing a banana back to life? I just gasped before it totally blew me away. This guy has garnered all my respect since the first time I watched him on YouTube. Kudos to him, this sub urban life hack is fascinating! He enters with a ripe banana with him which has turned black over time. First he stores the banana in a plastic bag along with some grain of rice and leaves it alone on the table. After an hour or so he appears with a blow dryer. I was wondering what a blow dryer has got to do with a banana. But I wasn’t left in the dark for long. This brilliant guy left the banana along with the rice to let it absorb all the moisture trapped in the fruit.
Soon after that, he starts to blow dry the banana with the dryer. Amazingly, the black banana peel transformed into its natural yellow color and came back to life. I almost thought he was a demi-god. The banana might not have been as fresh as it must have been while it was bought, but yes, definitely firm and edible.

This life hack is incredibly useful and fun. Even if you aren’t a banana lover like me, you should watch the video and try it, just for the thrill of bringing back a stale fruit to life.

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