He Saw 2 Hummingbirds And Started Filming – Seconds Later His Jaw Dropped


These rufous hummingbirds may be spending the whole summer enjoying Moore’s hospitality or they may be simply passing through on their way to points further north. Rufous hummingbirds winter along the Subtropical Pacific coast of Mexico and travel as far north as Alaska to breed, a distance of 3900 miles. Measured in terms of body length the rufous hummingbird completes the longest migration of any creature on earth. It times it’s travels to coincide with the nectar of emerging flowers and the availability of insects along the Pacific Flyway.

While the first pair of birds appear to be mature males, identified from their red bandito scarf like markings, there are also females, with brighter green backs and immature males with all white necks. Known to be particularly territorial when it comes to protecting their turf it may be that these birds are just passing through. That plus the fact that Moore’s three feeders make it difficult for any one hummingbird to stake out an exclusive claim on the goodies.

The buzzing sound you hear are the males which make a distinct sound as air passes through two pairs of specially adapted feathers. During the mating season the trill alerts other males that there are rivals in the neighborhood.

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