He Saved a Pitbull From a Raging Fire. Watch The Moment They See Each Other Again


The appreciation shown by the pitbulls in this clip will have you shaking your head. Firefighters are some of our bravest, most indispensable citizens and seeing the level of gratitude that these pitbulls have for their services will certainly warm your heart. They regularly put their lives on the line to make the word a better place for the rest of us and deserve to be commended.

Firefighters should be treated as the heroes that they are, but this is not always the case. The group of firefighters in this clip were called in one night to handle a fire that had gotten out of control, leaving the structure burned nearly to the ground.

When they first arrived, they were unsure if anyone was in the house or if they were alive. But they did not let their fear or trepidation deter them from getting definitive answers. They valiantly entered and immediately went to work.

As they knocked down the door of the home, the firefighters heard frenzied cries and wails for help. From the sounds of it, there were lives to be saved on the inside. The cries grew louder and louder as the firefighters made their way inside. What they saw was startling, to say the least.

There were six pitbulls trapped inside and they were in a panic. Rushing inside, the firefighters immediately grabbed the group of dogs, which included three puppies, as well as three older dogs. Fortunately for these dogs, the firefighters arrived just in time and were able to rescue the dogs before smoke inhalation claimed their lives.

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