He Puts On His Favorite Song And Starts Filming – The Bird’s Reaction Is HILARIOUS!


A dancing bird may sound like something someone made up. It’s not and we have video proof. Birds can be quite intelligent. Some of the different things they do are both funny and amusing. Many people choose to have birds as pets because they are so animated. You never know what they are going to do and this particular bird can be watched for hours, especially if you put on his favorite song. One man owns a lovebird and he put on his favorite song. It is an Irish song that is purely instrumental. If you close your eyes, you can picture a line of men and women doing the jig. It may even be a form of Riverdance.

It’s one of the most fun videos to watch and I just wish that it was a little longer because I wanted to see how long the bird would be able to keep it up. If you look, the little legs become a blur because he is moving so fast! He has some serious talent and it should be really explored. The owner of this bird should definitely post some more videos, especially if he can do anything else.

Lovebirds are known for being talented little entertainers, especially if they are in a cage alone as opposed to giving them a mate. When they are paired off, the two birds become all about each other and it is hard to get the kind of animation and human connection that is shown here.

I wonder if this bird can dance to any other music or if he prefers the Irish music. Just when you didn’t think that the internet could surprise you any longer, there’s this lovebird, doing the Irish jig. You should have some fun watching this video and if you’re like me, you’re going to watch it a few times in a row just to see the fast and furious feet of the lovebird. Watch now and then share the video on Facebook with friends. It will give them a smile to start off the day right and they will have you to thank for it.

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