He Puts A Cherry On Top Of A Glass Bottle – Now I Have To Try This


Everybody loves fresh cherries. From baking to topping ice cream, there is nothing better than a fresh cherry. Summer drinks are just spectacular when you add cherries. Freezing cherries in an ice tray with water makes fantastic cherry ice cubes to dress up any mixed drink. The problem is cherries are the pits! Well actually, cherries have pits. The pits are a pain in the neck to remove. There are cherry pitting devices you can buy, but they are messy and sometimes costly and very time consuming. In this video, you will see how a very creative young man solved that problem. The coolest part is he solved it using a glass soda bottle and a chop stick! There is no fuss and there is no mess. It is quick and easy and allows you to have fresh cherries for all your drinking, baking, topping needs.

Take your fresh cherries and wash them and remove the stems. Take the cherries one at a time and place them on the mouth of the bottle with the stem-hole up. Place the small end of the chop stick in the stem-hole. Now hold the cherry and push! The chop stick pushes the cherry pit threw the fruit and it falls into the soda bottle. The cherry is whole, beautiful and pit-free and there is no juice and no pits to clean up. Simply toss the bottle and the used chop stick away and you are ready to eat the cherries! This can also be done with a plastic soda bottle if you are careful not to turn it over when you apply pressure, but glass works easier.

If you purchase tart (sour) cherries, after pitting you can soak them in alcohol to serve to adults at parties or to garnish trays at an adult party. An alcohol soaked cherry (also called a drunken cherry) in an ice cold glass of ginger ale or Sprite. Make a wonderful adult punch for a party. Use drunken cherries to top fudge. There is no limit to what you can do with them.

This easy trick makes having fresh cherries always an option! So grab a bottle and a chop stick and stock your kitchen!

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