He Put His Sick, Old Dog In The Pool—But When This Happens Next, I’m In Tears


Water therapy has worked incredible things first humans around the globe. Kane is a Husky has a very devoted parent who believed that water therapy would work well for his canine friend, too. Kane’s back legs stopped working. He is very old, and simply too old for surgery. He is in pain a lot of the time. Pain medication only helps a little bit. Kane’s dad decided that he wasn’t going to give up on his best friend. He wanted to try something different.
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He decided to take Kane for a swim. It was the only thing that truly helped.

Water therapy has been very effective for pets, especially those who need to recover from surgery. Older pets who suffer from mobility issues and arthritis can also benefit from water therapy. Kane became weightless in the pool, and therefore there was no pressure on his back legs to cause him pain.

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