He Pours Vinegar Over This Strange Mixture. After I Tasted It I’ll Never Buy It At The Store Again!


Ketchup is a staple in most homes. Virtually every restaurant offers ketchup. Many people feel they cannot eat a French fry without ketchup. It is the normal thing to find on most burgers but it is also used in many recipes. In the past people knew that ketchup like any other food product was made from food. Ask anyone what ketchup is made from and you will hear “tomatoes” which is true. But ask them to take a tomato and make ketchup, they will give you a blank stare. People assume only Heinz is allowed by law to make ketchup and they do not want to risk jail time. Further they do not have the magic jar stretcher that allows Heinz to put the tomato inside a jar ¼ its size. Their conclusion is it can’t be done. We have some exciting news for you! You can make your own ketchup, at home that is inexpensive, taste fantastic and does not require any magic machines. The following video shows you how to take a few simple ingredients and turn them into fresh ketchup that tastes better than you ever imagined. You may never want to buy ketchup again.

Begin with a small onion, cut in half (set aside). Now take a good (coffee) size mug and place a heaping tablespoon of brown sugar inside. Now, fill the mug halfway with hot water. The sugar will melt and the water will be a nice caramel color.

Drop the half onion into the mug once the water has cooled. Use a hand blender, set on low, to blend it. (Be careful this can make a mess.) You do not want any large pieces of onion in the water so blend it well.

Next grab some tomato paste and pour it into a bowl. Note: you can make your own tomato paste but it takes over an hour and it costs like half a dollar to buy. To the tomato paste you will add ground cloves, cinnamon powder, salt, mustard and three tablespoons of white vinegar. Watch the video for exact amounts and a visual. Now you are going to take that onion/brown sugar water and mix it in. Obviously, mix in more water for thinner ketchup and less water for thicker ketchup.

This is the best ketchup you ever tasted. Use an empty ketchup bottle and a funnel to store it in. Any bottle will work, even a Heinz bottle.

You can add hot seasonings and pepper to this recipe to make your ketchup spicy. You can use the recipe for sauces, for pasta and meatloaf. You can add a little mayo and some pickle relish and make an incredible raw veggie dip. It all starts with making your own, fresh and wonderful homemade ketchup. Get creative and spoil yourself!

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