He Meets A Baby Mini Horse, But He Didn’t Expect THIS To Happen!


It should go without saying that horses are beautiful and intelligent creatures. Not only are horses smart, but they are extremely kind to humans and very affectionate to boot. The only thing that is more adorable than a regular size horse? You guessed it, a miniature horse! The sight of these tiny creatures is almost too much to successfully put into words.

While the majority of horses are friendly and easy to get along with, the horse you are about to see in this clip is particularly playful and is eager to find new buddies. The baby is all of three days old, but is already enjoying life more than some grown-ups do. The newborn colt has been named Sammy and Sammy has definitely enjoyed spending time with Sterling, who happens to be one of the owners at the farm where he is residing.

Sammy and Sterling became fast friends. Sammy developed an almost immediate attachment to Sterling and the two are just about inseparable. The baby horse is already so cute on his own, so brace yourself for just how adorable he is running around with his new best buddy.

This cute video needs to be shared by as many people as possible, so make sure that you pass this along to your animal loving friends and family, so that they can enjoy Sterling and Sammy’s adventures, too!

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