He Made Her Leave the Dog Park Early… Now Watch What She Has to Say About It!


Dog parks are one of your pet’s favorite destinations. One of the reasons why dogs get so sad when their owners leave is because they assume that they are going to the dog park without them. After all, the dog does not know any better, because this is one of the places that they are used to going. They know precious little about what their owners go through each and every day.

While the dog park provides hours of mirth, merriment and exercise for your pup and most dogs love them, what they do not love is being told that it is time to go home. The dog in this video was told that her time at the dog park was being cut short and true to form, she let her owner that she did not agree with his decision making on this topic.

From the looks of this clip, the dad has decided to being his Boxer home a bit earlier than expected. She was not ready to go home yet and did not receive enough play time at the dog park. But is she going to go quietly into the night? The answer to that question is a resounding no.

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