He Looks Rugged And Tattered. But When He Opens His Mouth To Sing … WOW!


This is the message of the Grammy nominated song “Come As You Are” from the album Neon Steeple, and what a powerful and timely message it is.  Neon Steeple is the first solo effort produced by industry veteran and singer songwriter, David Crowder.  Mr. Crowder was the long time leader of the David Crowder Band, which only recently disbanded – much to his band mate’s disappointment, I’m sure. “Come As You Are” is a touching song that is sweeping the world’s airwaves because of the simplicity of its message, and the poetic beauty of the words used to express its message.  Even the accompanying video to the song tries its best to relay its message of hope and faith by splicing imagery of everyday life with imagery of David and his band playing their way through the song.

This powerful song, and its accompanying music video, speaks to the power of God’s unconditional love and the power of faith.  It speaks of how God will take you into his care no matter your appearance, no matter the actions you may have taken in your past, or your current position in life and the world, and I believe that it’s this universal message of love, acceptance and hope that makes it resonates with so many people.  It’s not often that a song can reach across generations, across racial divisions, and across the world.

This song is a reminder to the world that regardless of what sins you may have committed, you too can be brought into God’s light.  He can heal your pain, and he will welcome you into heaven if you accept Jesus’ truth.  In this time of strife, we need to hear a message like this more than ever. Just listen to this amazing song, and I know that you too will feel God’s divine presence through the voice of Mr. David Crowder.  For me, this intense feeling of warmth, hope and love washed over to me as I listened to David Crowder’s beautiful song and its timeless words of reassurance and faith.

Give the song a listen, and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.  Have a beautiful day, and God bless!

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