He Knocked Over The Trash – But How He Got Himself Out Of Trouble Has Mom Cracking Up


No matter how hard he tried to resist it was a doomed effort. He stood, turned and attacked the trash can will all the savagery of an Alpha wolf. In that instance of relief and revenge he totally forgot how much he loved his mistress an her loving kindness. He forgot there would be consequences. She would not have to beat him just a tone of reproach was enough to make him pain. The trash can went down with a crash. It slid across the floor spilling out its stinking contents as it slid. He imagined he was the leader of a wolf pack taking down a bull moose that had threatened his pack. He grabbed things blindly with his jaws and shook them savagely growling and backing. He found himself in the middle of a stinking mess. He was exhausted and he had numerous small cuts on his lips and mouth. But the worst thing was that he was still hot hungry and thirsty. The burst of temper had felt good while it lasted but now he felt worse that ever.

In a short while his Mistress came in and called him by name. He was surprised how easily he forgave her for abandoning him and leaving him to suffer. But as his rage passed he was filled with guilt and fear. What was the Mistress going to do when she realized what he had done. When she saw the mess he had made.

He placed himself strategically by the opened door. When she saw what he had done the disciplinarian in her came to the fore. The dog tried to moonwalk backwards out of sight behind the door. She could tell he was full of guilt and fear. All the sternness vanished. He looked so pathetic. Then the better angel of her nature spoke to her, “Something must have happened to make him do all this.” All was well between dog and mistress.

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