He Just Spent Hours Installing A Cat Door And Then… LOL!


The cat slowly approaches the door, but doesn’t go anywhere near the cat door. Instead, the cat jumps up and uses the door lever. He then jumps down, pushes the door open, and walks in. You can hear the man on the video let out a “hmmm” but it is more of a grumble as he gets upset that all of his hard work was for nothing.

The cat opened the door. No need for a cat door if the cat can actually walk through the door like everyone else, is there? The man was probably muttering to himself for about two whole minutes after the video ended because if the cat had shown him he could do that from the beginning, he wouldn’t have had to spend hours with the install.

Cats are funny that way. Sometimes, it is as if they are playing a cosmic joke on their owners. They are smart, but it’s not until you see videos like this to realize just how smart they are. It’s only a 40 second video and for cat lovers, it’s a must see. This poor pet owner went through all of this hard work to install the door, and it was all for nothing.

The cat managed to get in without the pet door. Perhaps he was thinking what everyone who watched the video was thinking…or at least I was. How is that rather large cat going to fit through such a small hole? I would have tried to use the door as opposed to squeezing myself through that hole, too.

The real test is if the cat can use the door on the other side. Was it a one-time trick or can he do it any time he wants? Will he ever use the pet door? These questions will remain unanswered, but the video is priceless.

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