He Just Brought Home His New Puppy – What They Experience Has Everyone Laughing Out Loud


There is something to be said about the relationship between a man and his dog. Many commercial show a man with a full grown dog, but they don’t show him with a puppy. This video is exactly what happens when a man brings home a puppy, thinking that he is going to have a “real dog”. This puppy is absolutely adorable, but has yet to learn all of the necessary rules. The man is strolling down the street and locks eyes with the world’s cutest puppy. He sees the adoption sign, and by not only the puppy, but absolutely everything else he needs in order to take care of his soon-to-be new best friend. It looks as though he is taking all of his tips from a dog food commercial. The commentary is perhaps the most comical part of the entire video, which you may want to watch over and over again. The man sets the puppy down on his couch, the puppy looks at him, and then begins eating the cushion. The man talks to the puppy as if the puppy could understand.

What the man says to the dog and how he goes about every situation is funny. This is going to brighten your day. The puppy video is about three minutes long, and you are going to be watching every single moment of it.

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