He Jammed A Fork Into His Door. You Might Think This Is Stupid, But It Saved My Life Last Year


For most of us, home security has always been a top priority, as protecting your loved ones and prized possessions is of the utmost importance. Americans believe in the idea of home security so deeply, it was written into the Second Amendment of our nation’s Constitution. There is a wide range of home security technology available to homeowners in the modern age, with everything from security cameras to padlocked gates with complex numbered codes to protect the people who live inside of them from a home invasion. Thieves that have become accustomed to working around these complex security measures probably won’t know what to do with a security method that is this simplistic. This three minute video will teach you how to construct an impenetrable lock and all you will need to get the job is the fork that you used to eat your nightly dinner.

Home invasions, robberies, break ins, these are all no longer a problem that is exclusive to the urban dwelling citizen. Now, these crimes are beginning to spread out further and further into the outer rungs of society. Even the family who resides in a rural region, in a farmhouse several miles from town must worry about the craftiness of the modern criminal.

If you would like to follow the instructions this helpful video clip provides, you will first need to locate a dinner fork with prongs that are at least 2 inches long (although 1 3/4 will suffice) and the fork must also come equipped with a tapered handle.

After you’ve procured the fork, line the prongs up with your latch hole and use a permanent marker to draw an easily visible line down the prongs. This allows you to mark the depth of your particular latch hole. Once this part of the process is complete, place your fork in a vice, so that the marks you’ve created can be seen.

You will need a hammer for the next part of the process, so that your prongs can be bent into a 90 degree angle. Once the prongs have been bent, place the handle in a vice grip, so that it can be cut off using a saw.

Your final product consists of the loose handle and the prongs you have carefully bent. If done properly, the handle will slide into the slit for a perfect fit. Put the prongs into the latch hole, close your door and put the fork handle through the slot. All you need to is remove the handle and your door will open, with ease.

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