He Is Called The ‘Angel Of Animals’ – Wait Till You See Why. Whoa!


For many animals who are, or have been, crippled on the side of the road near dead-most of the times for days-this man is in essence not a man at all, but an angel. He is a lifeline, without whom many animals would be dead and/ or crippled. He then plays with the animals using balls and running equipment to make sure they can walk, run, and play properly, and in order to ease their trauma and/ or emotional pain. Lastly, he either adopts the animals himself, or uses his Facebook account or his partnerships with local animal shelters in order to find the animals quality homes.

Wilson’s Facebook page has many pictures of the plethora of animals which he has saved during his career as an angel-dogs, cats pigs, and many other types of animals. This illustrates his love for the animals that he would put their pictures up on his personal Facebook page in order to promote the animals finding good homes, and to show his pride in his self-trained veterinary work.

Many of the animals have open sores, and can not walk. He finds them near death, in dire situations-often times battered or abused. He does not have a team of rescuers, but rather works alone-admirably. This is especially extraordinary when you consider the enormous amount of animals saved, and the tremendous amount of turnaround each animal itself experiences. He is known as “Protetor Coutinho” because he is known as the protector of the animals.

For example, lucky Luciano-a now elated and loved/loveable dog,-was near death with his face torn up and a gaping wound on his head. He now plays with the other dogs, and gets food daily. It is remarkable the transformation which Wilson has made in this and many other animals’ lives. Wilson truly is the angel and protector of the animals. He watches over them and ensures they are safe and live a long, healthy, comfortable life in a great home.

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