He Holds A Plank Of Wood Behind These 15 Balls. Then He Let’s Go. What Happens? I AM AMAZED


The man behind this video has used basic physics in order to keep the pendulum is going. The scene looks amazing, and you will find that it is hard to look away from. The video is less than two minutes long, and you will find it positively hypnotizing. It will constantly keep you on your toes, and guessing what is going to come next.

Pendulum waves are seen throughout the video, and the simple demonstration is going to have you wanting to try and do the same exact thing. Is actually simpler to do than you might think. All you need is a pendulum and a camera so that all of the movement can be captured.

The video was filmed at Harvard University, and this particular pendulum as 15 balls, though there have been other videos made with more or less. The strings are increasingly, and a cycle of movement had been captured.

Here is the really amazing thing. The cycle lasts 60 seconds, so take a look and see if you can determine where the cycle starts and stops and starts again. You may find that you watch the video several times just to figure this out – and because the movement is so hypnotic, you may not be able to figure it out. Don’t worry though, you are not alone.

Have you ever played with a pendulum and wondered what could be done with it? Now you know! Leave it to the experts at Harvard University to figure this out.

When you want to impress your friends with a simple physics trick, this is the video that you will want to share with them. Go ahead and watch the video, and then watch it again. Comment to your friends, and then share the demonstration so they can be blown away as well.

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